Four Seasons

Feeling exasperated with the unusually cruel winter Vancouver dealt us this year, Peter and I were looking for an escape. A little slice of paradise where we could disconnect for a while. Somewhere quiet and relaxing. For us, this turned out to be Lana'i—a tiny island in Hawaii. A 5 hour flight to Honolulu and a 35 minute plane hop over to this remarkable little get-a-way. It feels quite surreal when you land, like the island is deserted. You're in a tropical place, yet pine trees line the only road to your resort. No traffic lights, just a long winding road down to the Four Seasons which is tucked away on the south side of the island. When you arrive, it's this lush, tropical haven. The most notable things being:

Hulopoe Beach

It's about a 5 minute walk from your room. Gold, powdery sand and just the right amount of waves. Full service.

Sweetheart Rock

A short little hike (ok, more like a walk) that's about a half hour from the resort. Gorgeous red lava rock cliffs with a lovely view.

Sweetheart Rock

Monroe Trail

I was super disappointed to miss out on the views from this one. I ended up messing up my rib while we were in Honolulu and had to rest while Peter did this one. From the photos, it definitely looked like it was worth the trip into town to access the trail. 

Monroe Trail

The Restaurants

ONE FORTY for breakfast every morning. The smoothies were to die for with tons of fresh fruit.
Malibu Farm for lunch and snacks. The nachos (with local venison) and the fresh juices are 100%.
Nobu for dinner. This was my first experience at Nobu and it did not disappoint. I'm not typically a sushi fan and I thoroughly enjoyed everything we tried. 


Lastly, some tips:
If you're making the trip over to Lanai, I'd recommend staying in Maui or Honolulu for part of your time in Hawaii, and just doing a couple nights in Lanai since it's such a small island. Maui is just a 45 minute ferry ride away and Honolulu is a 35 minute plane ride over. Also, if you are only doing a couple days in Lanai, I would suggest booking it last minute to make sure you get some sunny weather when you're there. Even though the rainy days are super relaxing and beautiful, it would be a bummer to spend all of that money to get rained out while you're there ;)