My favourite sunglasses were rudely stolen while going through airport security, and after a mad online search, I realize that I'll never get them back. They are from a couple seasons ago and it appears no one carries them anymore [insert sobbing emoji]. Although I've learned my lesson and will travel with my cheap ones, I still want a nice pair. When I was in Miami last year, Peter showed me this brand Mykita which I instantly fell in love with. Their stainless steel frames are so incredibly thin and light. The second brand I'd like to check out while we're in LA is Ahlem. Both brands have some really fun designs and some great classics as well. 

1. Mykita "Studio2.3"
2. Mykita "Studio2.2"
3. Ahlem "Gare St Lazare"
4. Ahlem "Concorde"

Ohh, and there are also these beauties by Yuichi Toyama!