Sara Prestley


Starting with the basics, my name...
Sara Prestley

RED Academy | Full Stack Designer Program  (2017) 
Capilano University | IDEA program  (2007-2011)

What excites me most about design?  
When I first started out in graphic design, it was the opportunity to make things beautiful and accessible for the intended audience. After many iterations, seeing your design come to life was always rewarding. Moving into digital design, I find the psychological aspect most fascinating. I've spent my entire adult life being immersed in books on psychology and I love that this is a part of UX design. Doing the research and testing, while getting to know and empathize with your user and their needs is such an enjoyable part of the process. It’s the constant learning that makes it never boring.

What I've been up to the past few years?
After working in Graphic Design for many years, I decided to go back to school to pursue UI/UX Design. Upon completing my second contract job in the digital space, I dove right into a personal project creating an app with my partner and friend. You can check out the app here

Other Interests: 
Fashion, photography, ballet, travel, reading... 📷👯‍♀️🌴📚



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